Santa Claus, like pumpkin pie

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Santa Claus, like pumpkin pie

Tune Of

Stille Nacht


Santa-related Carols


Franz Gruber (1787–1863)


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


We invoke you. We invoke you.
We've set the tree and stockings too.
We would like you to visit us soon.
We have been good. We've set out your food.
Please would you bring us presents?
Santa, you're really the best.

I really think you are nice.
You are like a pumpkin pie.
Really nice, when covered with froth
Pictures online would go for a lot.
You could bring us some pumpkins.
Then we could make us some pie.

We pray to you. We pray to you.
We send you prayers: notes of concern.
We would like you to bring us some things
We would like you to know which things
Santa could you bring them?
I made you pictures of them.

We love you. We love you.
You are sweet. Yes, it is true.
I would like to be with you now.
We could sit and talk about cows.
Santa, you're really a sweet-heart.
I really love you the best.

I think you're sweet. I think you're sweet.
And really neat. Yes, I mean that.
You could cover yourself in barbecue sauece.
I could think that you're off of your rocker.
You are really awesome.
I think you're covered with slosh.

I love you. I love you.
You are not covered in poo.
You are Santa Claus, yes that is true.
Like Shazam, you wear a red suit.
I think you're really awesome.
I wonder if your a kid.


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Santa-related Carols


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