The demons hunting you

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The demons hunting you

Tune Of

Creator of the Stars of Night


Halloween Carols


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


The demons hunting you are just
little kids and you must know that.
The real concern is cosmic dust
turning you to dust that goes splat.

I hope that you like to drink lots
of goo 'cause that's the theme tonight.
I wanted some pickle themed shots
but that just can't always be right.

And when you go candy hunting
I hope that you really do not
end up blotto, fit for grunting,
unable to make a whole thought.

I really hope that in your case
you like to sing with the pumpkins.
The pumpkins will not eat your face.
They are singing with the munchkins.

I hope you are safe and the creche
does not open bursting forth the
wee vampires that are eating flesh.
If you can, I hope that you flee.

I hope that Halloween treats you
kindly and you stay safe tonight
I hope that goblins do not poo
or if they do that you might smite.


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Halloween Carols


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