I really like your fish

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I really like your fish

Tune Of

Carol of the Shepherds


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17th Century Bohemian Carol


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


I really like your fish
really like your fish
I like your cute fish
It's really a nice fish
really a nice fish
You have a nice fish.
I would really like to have a fish like yours
sometime but I think it might be hard.
A very lovely fish.

I really like your home
really like your home
I like your swell home.
It's really a nice home
really a nice home
You have a nice home.
Would you consider giving it to me
I'm not quite yet a five oh one cee three.
A very lovely home.

I really like your gun
really like your gun
I like your swell gun.
It's really a nice size.
really a nice size.
It could put out eyes.
Have you considered the drones in the sky
that one has both tear gas and taser sights.
A very lovely gun.

I'm here to look at stuff
here to look at stuff
I will inspect stuff.
Many have made complaints.
many made complaints
There have been complaints.
Terrorists living on our land hurting our
way of life and damaging freedoms.
Such very lovely stuff.


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Other Carols from 2015


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