Introvert at a Halloween Party

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Introvert at a Halloween Party

Tune Of

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus


Halloween Carols


Stuttgart, Christian F. Witt (c. 1660–1716)


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


Goodness knows I don't think I can
keep drinking this swill tonight.
Halloween so long and festive
please bring me some fun tonight.

Do you think the wombat over there
is real or just a gag.
Or maybe the gag's on me and
I should find a myself bag.

Like a wombat, I'm a loner
but I don't choose to eat grass.
I am not a good digger.
A wombat could beat me, and fast.

Wombats kind of look like little teddy bears.
They're not that bad.
Some bears have gone on benders.
Found drinking beers and smashing pads.

Am I going to be a drunken
bear or quiet wombat?
Will my party animal flourish
or will I take a nap?

If I take a nap I could dream
I was a golden wombat.
If dreamed I was a female
my pouch would point to the aft.

Maybe instead of a nap I should
read a book, nice and fun.
It could be something festive
or perhaps I should say I'm done.


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Halloween Carols


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