Mole Day

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  • (ly) Mole Day

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Mole Day

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Stille Nacht


Other Carols from 2015


Franz Gruber (1787–1863)


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


Science is great. Chemistry, too.
Moles can be a standard unit.
When dealing with atoms, take note:
Six point oh two times ten to the twenty-third.
Avogadro's constant!
But there are more digits.

Critics exist, that is true.
Proust's law helps. Dalton's too.
Number of atoms is just a number.
The thermodynamic means naught to some.
It's not even a metric!
But it is useful to some.

A mouldywarp then, is something not new.
Moles can be throwers of soil.
A group of moles is called a labour.
The males are boars, the females sows.
Polydactyl forepaws!
Deeply unpleasant to eat.

Tolerating higher C O two.
Having unique haemoglobin.
The tunnels are really worm traps.
Able to paralyze wiggly worms
storing prey in larders.
Sometimes killed with nitrogen.

Heratage that you can eat.
Mole can be a rich sauce.
Convent of Santa Rosa
poor nuns prayed, and cooked a sauce.
Lucky, they had chocolate!
Or so a legend tells us.

Many types found all around.
Seven moles found in Mounts.
Mole poblano is quite known.
Mole negro has chocolate.
Is seven really mole?
Perhaps science will know.


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Other Carols from 2015


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