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  • (ly) Nonsense

    🎼 sheet music by S.W. Black from Misc Kid Carols



Tune Of

Ring Out, Wild Bells


Misc Kid Carols


Adapted from Kyrie, 12th Mass


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


I want to ride some cars
Cars are really nice to ride in I think
You might like to ride in my little shoe
I think think that might be neat but weird

I really like to ride in a bus.
Busses are cool and good for the environment
I think they're neat. Bikes are really sweet.
and good for the environment just like busses.

Sometimes my little fish rides a car.
That fish really goes far and goes places
it is all wet because that is how fishes drive.
Fishes really like to drive in cars

I think cars are cool when they're full of water.
Fishes like to drive in cars underwater.
They don't drive on land because it is too dry.
Fishes love the water, and so do I.

Dolphins and fishes swimming around.
Taking city busses, going downtown.
They aren't afraid of sharks that are friendly.
They like to sing songs about dog sharks.

They like to sing a nice song.
They really like to sing to dog sharks.
And they like to eat biscuits and gravy.
They really like to eat chocolate chips.

And Christmas bus likes to save other buses.
And bring other buses their Christmas candy.
Christmas bus really likes to be friendly.
Friendly buses like to play cards and dominos.

I really like that green bus that we lost.
It really makes us cry a lot.
Sometimes it is good to cry all the day.
I like to cry and get all my sad out.

It is so sad when stuff is lost.
We just have to cry and whine all the time.
But sometimes it will get a little better.
It won't always be so sad and stuff.


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Misc Kid Carols


Alternate Lyrics to Traditional Carols

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