On Christmas day, I love you

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On Christmas day, I love you

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The Holly and the Ivy


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S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


On Christmas day, I love you.
On Christmas day, I do.
It's not that I don't love you
on other days that is true.

You are my unseen servant.
You are my helpful elf.
If I were a cobbler
you'd have things for my shelf.

Oh Santa Claus, I thank you!
Oh Santa Claus, I do!
You help me shop for presents
for both my girl and my boy.

At Macy's they disbelieved you.
You almost lost it all.
Fortunately the judge believed you
Christmas wasn't lost at all.

I've heard you have a puppy.
I've heard you have a dog.
Do you really have a puppy?
Or does an elk roam your halls?

I've heard elks use door knobs.
I've heard that elks break laws.
Would a magic elk be helpful?
Would you need the elves at all?

Did you really beat the Martians?
Did you really bring them gifts?
I understand why they wanted you.
We are glad you're back now, too.

And what about Skull Island?
Is what they talk about true?
Did you really bring presents there
or did rat-monkeys get you?


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Santa-related Carols


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