Traumatic insemination

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Traumatic insemination

Tune Of

The Coventry Carol


Halloween Carols


16th Centry English Carol


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


Bed bugs they have it really very rough
penis swords aren't gentle.
cracks in the ventral exoskeleton
insemination hurts
swimmers in the hemolymph
one way to get to the eggs

Specialized organs may help with disease
or guiding to ov'ries.
Open circulatory systems
bathe the organs in jizz.
Males have evolved penises that taste
when a male has been there.

Hypodermic and penis should not mix.
Injections of love juice.
But it's not love, just really bad sex.
Hopefully it won't kill.
Mostly with dames, but some with gents.
Outside species may die.

Solo love can be ever so much worse.
One flat worm pokes his head.
Macrostomum hystrix is the worm;
swimmers swim in his brain.
They are hermaphrodites
so may be considered female.

Active consent is really so much more.
Evolution won't wait.
To what will we drive forth our change?
Will we create monsters?
Sexual cannibalism deserved
if we can't control dicks.


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Halloween Carols


Alternate Lyrics to Traditional Carols

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