And a Happy Halloween to you

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And a Happy Halloween to you

Tune Of

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear


Halloween Carols


Richard S. Willis (1819–1900)


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


The cat, she came up upon the stoop
She wanted to get some sweet treats
She was maybe five or six or three
She was not shy we would see.
Her brother, he was a crying mess.
Complete in his regular cage.
When asked if he would accompany her
he screamed and cried out in rage.

And a Happy Halloween to you
we hope that the evening is swell
We'd like to carve some of those pumpkins
and maybe dance in the dell.
We've heard that the spirits called you here
to eat some chocolate fudgey brains.
They're really yummy if you join in
just please call me by my name.

This year I'm known as the Santa Grimm
I'm kind of like Crispity Claws.
I feed children to fatten them up
And then I open my hall.
Within my hall dwells the beast itself
Dripping nuts and marshmallow fluff
He wants to join with you one and all
and then we'll have a great ball.

The cat, she heard what we said and then
she must not have liked it at all.
She turned and confronted ghastly me
speaking words that caused my fall.
My mind blew up and to my surprise
I found myself above of it all.
The spirit of the old holiday
was within me all of the time.


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Halloween Carols


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