Christmas Fish

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  • (ly) Christmas Fish

    🎼 sheet music by S.W. Black from Santa-related Carols


Christmas Fish

Tune Of

A Cradle-Song of the Blessed Virgin


Santa-related Carols


Joseph Barnby (1838–1896)


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


They say the Christmas Fish
He wanted to eat a dish
He wanted it to be a Christmas feast
with Santa Claus and the other fishees.
He really wanted to eat with Prancer, too.

They say the Christmas Fish
He had a big Christmas wish
He wanted to play reindeer games with
Prancer and wallow in some filth.
But he was just a fish so he could not play.

And that little fish, he thought
that he could make them talk
He wanted to play a game
that involved speaking some silly names.
But he had to resort to Rory's Story Cubes.

And that Christmas fish he had
scales red and green, they weren't bad.
The bad guys always saw him coming
But that always sent them running.
He always loved to poop on the bad guys' heads.

They say the Christmas fish
he is Santa's favorite fish
He likes to swim around his tank
and to go out dancing on oyster banks.
You really see it when he does the mambo.

You really shouldn't tease
a nice fish with powers to freeze.
He has used them to fight sharks
and to save dolphins from harsh remarks.
He has also saved Santa from silly Martians.


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Santa-related Carols


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