I once had a kitty

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I once had a kitty

Tune Of

Away In A Manger


Misc Kid Carols


William Kirkpatrick (1838–1921)


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


I once had a kitty and the kitty had me.
We were oh so happy, that cute kitty and me.
Then I found to my dismay, the cat, it had fleas.
They were oh so itchy and I wanted to scream.

Little did I know then that the fleas they had fleas
The big fleas did itch and they wanted to sneeze.
I wondered how I might control all of these.
And I still had my kitty that I wanted to please.

I wanted to use flea bath and ignore the wee fleas.
But I thought that might be mean, so I kept all the fleas.
The wee fleas were not real fleas they were bacteria
Yet they still itched the poor things on their backs and their knees.

I thought of a solution, though it took me all day.
I would start a flea circus and join in the fray
The big fleas were easy, while the little fleas lay
exhausted from jumping, asleep on the hay.


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Misc Kid Carols


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