My Friend Fred

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  • (ly) My Friend Fred

    🎼 sheet music by S.W. Black from Halloween Carols


My Friend Fred

Tune Of

Away In A Manger


Halloween Carols


William Kirkpatrick (1838–1921)


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


For as I lay crying, alone in the dark
I sat and I thought about what I once thought
I had this one dream in a long ago time
it was a dream about my face in a pie.

I love to eat pie and it is one of my fav-
orate things to do with my face on a cool day
I like to stuff my face with chocolate pie and pumpkin pie
And sometimes I get crazy and eat mincemeat.

I like to dance and sing and play around all the day
but sometimes think about that long ago
time when I cried and cried and I bawled in my tears
then I fed them to the weevil and he granted my fears.

Now I am oh so happy, the weevil is Fred
He is my friendly Fred and he lives in my head.
Oh, I love my Freddy. Weevil is not mean.
He is nice. He is friendly. He is not all obscene.

And once upon a time I wanted to eat more saucy food
and pull out my hair and bathe in the nude.
But now I don't do any of those crazy things.
I just sit here with my weevil and I sing all the day.

I am oh, so happy and my weevil is nice.
His name is Fred and he thinks that I am alright.
Oh, I love my friend Fred. He is a weevil friend
and if you had one you would think it should never end.


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Halloween Carols


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