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    🎼 sheet music by S.W. Black from Other Carols from 2015



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Other Carols from 2015


S.W. Black


2015 S.W.Black


The little cat would like to eat
a little bit of food but it
was gone and he was very sad
as he wanted to eat lots more.

It was gone little cat wanted to eat some food but his dish,
it was very empty and he thought that could not be very nice.

The little cat wanted to eat lots of pickles and mushroom tea,
but his cup was empty and he cried and ate lots of rumpled paper.

Paper is not really a food that anyone should really eat,
but the little cat was very hungry and he thought it might be

okay and not kill him very much but he was very wrong.
That paper it was carbonite and it punctured his little lung,

and he was very sad and he couldn't go to the store.
He was no more but that is sad and we don't like thins sad so we

just eat more fish and pumpernickle but we are not so happy.
We would like things to be better but they are really sad and

we would like things to have a happy ending but this is sad
I don't like to feed bad but this makes me feel really, really bad.


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Other Carols from 2015


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