Space Travel

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Space Travel


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Space travel is so very nice

I think I like it more than fried rice.
But the rice here it's not that good.
I think it has insects in it.
I miss fried rice
Like back at home.

I think that
we won't get there.
But perhaps I'm wrong.
That's happened before.
Maybe I'm not and we'll soon be dead.

I think this won't work out.
I'm really quite concerned.
I think the motor might be going
That's what I heard the engineer say.

What will we do?
I don't know how we'll last.
This isn't the Titanic it's supposed first class.

But there are very few lifepods.
Fewer still that I'd ride on
There are few life pods
worthy of my glorious ass...
Worthy of my fine ass.

Perhaps I'm wrong.

Who am I kidding
I'm never wrong.
But perhaps all the same
I think I'll check again.
Perhaps just one more time.

They've told me
I'm too fat to to fit.
But this is a sign of wealth.

They need to make more room.
I'm more worthy than any of these kids.
I don't know what they'll do.
I'm going to get very hungry still

But perhaps
I am wrong.
Who am I kidding
I'm never wrong.


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