There's A Dragon Sleeping

2017-02-04 @ 02:53pm tags: skirmish superskirmish skirmishss4e faroutfawm

There were some child-based interruptions during this one. You may be able to make out my son coming in and saying "Pause it! Pause it!" at the end of the track.




There's a dragon sleeping


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Not Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




There's a dragon sleeping.
Please don't wake it.
There's a dragon sleeping.
Please don't wake it up!

Why are you screaming?
That dragon is sleeping!
Why are you screaming?
He won't bite.

There's a dragon
and it used to be sleeping
There's a dragon and
you woke it up.

There's a dragon.
I think maybe you should worry.
But I'm not worried
Not me.
I'm not worried at all.
Well, maybe a little.
At least I think so.

The dragon was sleeping.
Why did you wake him?
He's usually nice!
But he likes his naps.
He really likes them so.

He's kind of like my mother.
She likes her naps, too.
He's kind of like me.
I get so firey when I'm woken.

I think you should run now.
Yes, you should run.
I think you should run now.
And it's not quite done!
It's not over yet.
He's really quite angry.
It's not over yet.
But you brought this on yourself.

That's what I'm saying.
You were warned.
That's what I'm saying here.
You should have known better.
I really did tell you.
You should've known better.

But I guess that's it.
There won't be a second time.
No, not after this.
You should've known better.
And that's what this is.

You'll be soup now.
Or maybe go well with roast duck.
You could be a fricassee.
But probably a kebob.
That's what I'm tellin' you.
If he catches hold of you
and he's really good
yes, really good at hide and seek.

So, I think it is over.
Yes, it is quite over.
I think it is over.


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Not Crapcapella


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