Vegetable Domination

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I kind of meandered off the topic I wanted to initially to cover.




Vegetable Domination


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Not Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I have a little secret.
Perhaps you might have heard.
When I meet someone
I like to ask them a question.
I like to ask not personal questions,
but silly questions.
Much more silly than you've probably heard.


"It's my theory that all vegetables are out for world domination.
If you a vegetable how would you go about taking over the world?"
You might think there's no wrong answers, and you'd be right.
But, you know, there's still wrong answers.
At least there's really boring ones.
Like "I'd be a turnip or maybe a squash
and I would multiply and breed profusely, you know, like vegetables normally do."

Those are kind of boring.
There's so much more you could do.
Like perhaps you could do something really cool...

It's my theory, yes it is,
it's my theory that
cabbage is the winner.

It's cabbage running the show.
Cabbage is the winner
with cabbage we all bow.
It explains many things.
Like World War 1, World War 2
and various other skirmishes.

See the secret here,
the really important key,
is mind-control enzymes,
they get inside of me.
(Well, not me, because I avoid them.)
But maybe you.
It's not in a stew.
It happens when they're prepared.

Sauerkraut is the key, you know.
It activates them.
The mind-control enzymes.
It allows cabbages nearby to control you.
And that is why my friends that is why I say
"No cabbage for me, please!"
Not even on a hotdog or sausage or a brat.

"No sauerkraut for me!"
I've thought this all out!

These vegetables want to dominate the whole planet, you see.
I know this for sure.
It's plain as can be!
It's plain, don't you see?

And so now, you know.
And you can plan better.
At least I hope
it comes in time for the weather.

The weather, when it gets rainy some people reach inside
the cupboard and they find some sauerkraut inside.
But now you know this.
You know what you must do.
When you see that sauerkraut you must say...

You must say, repeat after me...
You must do it for your mind, don't you see?
Please won't you do it next time the moment comes...

Just say "No" to sauerkraut.

You won't be the only one
Just say no to sauerkraut.
We can save everyone.


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