Brains, Skulls and Craniums

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Well, this isn't a workflow I thought I could make fast enough... Here it is, though.




Brains, Skulls and Craniums


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Not Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I think I might like to have quite a head upon my head.
I think I might like to have a good brain in there would you like to have a brain?
Lovely squishy jellied brains?
Would you like to have a brain inside your head?
If you have a cranium it's a good spot to keep it.
If you've got the skull for it then grow a brain in there.
I like to keep my head at the top of my frame.
I like to have my head.
Sometimes I buy other heads. too.
Sometimes I throw a brain in a stew
but when it comes to craniums
only mine will do.
Mostly, because that's what's attached to me!

If you've got a head,
I encourage you to be
someone who takes
care of the brain in it!

And I'm not talking about
the soup that yet's to be.
I'm talking about the brain
up on your head.

For you see your cranium
does not disengage.
We don't have screw-top
heads yet.

So with your cranium
you've got to let it go.
Keep your head right up there!
It probably is not square!

Treat your brain nicely and surely it will grow.
It will keep you company as you grow.
Eventually we all get old if we last that long.
Muscles will atrophy and hair will tumble out,
but your brain it will sharpen ever more.


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Not Crapcapella


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