Blood Sweat

2017-02-12 @ 02:05am tags: ss11k skirmish superskirmish skirmishss11k

My own skirmish and I'm late posting because I had to wait for my wireless router to reboot. :/

Ah well, I'm reasonably happy with it. This was leveraging my strange software.



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Blood Sweat


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Not Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I would like to buy me some blood sweat
straight from the hippo to 'ply to my skin.
I would like to apply me some blood sweat
I think it would be real fine.

Blood sweat is a normal thing.
It is neither blood nor nor sweat.
Blood sweat is a normal thing is protects from the sun.

I really like hippos and I hope that you like them, too.
I really enjoy all of the hippos they are really super cool.
And, you know, you know, they have blood
sweat and you know, and you know,
it's neither blood nor sweat.

I would like to have some sunscreen that is made from
hippo blood sweat I think it would be real nice
organic and healthy.
Plus when I am in the sun I have a healthy reddish glow.
I would look cool to the ladies because of blood sweat.

Because of blood sweat It's more than just a sun screen.
It helps the ladies know that you love hippos.

And I'm sure that it also helps
the men to know, hey look at that nice looking lad
he's wearing blood sweat.
Regardless who you love
they are sure to enjoy the blood sweat.
You will look super fine and I'm
sure they'll enjoy looking at it too.


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Not Crapcapella


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