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A half-hour late in posting? Well, you can't win them all.

There was a slight interruption by my son, but I sort of just rolled with it. The drum track is super repetitive, but is there, so that's something.

All of the timing may be a little skewed



  • (mp3) Misunderstanding

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Not Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I wonder if you've ever considered my apology.
I really did not mean those things.
I did not mean them at all.
Have you ever considered that perhaps
I just was feeling ill that day.
It's really quite the misunderstanding.

At least that's what I'd like you to know.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
It's just a misunderstanding.
I didn't mean to punch your dog.
It's just a misunderstanding,
I didn't mean your mom looked like a hog.
It's just a misunderstanding,
I hope you believe that is true.
I really like your aunt,
I didn't think she looked like shoes.

It's just a simple misunderstanding.
My child did not mean to poop there.
A simple misunderstanding.
We thought that chair was a toilet.
A misunderstanding,
I thought your brother was a bear.
We have to be careful of bears in schools,
that's what I've been told
by the people running schools!

(Why aren't you pausing the song?)
[I can't pause the song.
It doesn't have a pause button.]

A misunderstanding,
he thought I could pause this song.
A simple misunderstanding,
this song won't be that long.
And now it is over,
good bye for now...
unless you never want to see me again.


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