I thought I would be led by love

  1. (I thought I was being) led by love

2017-02-18 @ 08:48pm tags: ss18d superskirmish18d skirmishss18d

After a few failed skirmishes, it was nice to be able to get it done on time.

First posted with a slightly bad mix... And I think I fixed the mix before anyone heard it, and BEFORE the skirmish was over! Woot!

Okay, so I fixed the mix, but then just re-uploaded the old mix? Huh. I think it is fixed now.

For real, now I think the mix is fixed.



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I thought I would be led by love


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band





I thought I would be led by love
but, I found instead I was led by blades.
I thought I would be, yes, led by love,
but I was led by blades.

Where we went, I was not sure.
I had to hunt and look for clues.
When we got there, then I was sure.
I thought I would poop myself, I tell you.
There we were... in the Forbidden City.
I thought we would die because it is forbidden.

But there we were. There we were.
And I... was strapped to the altar.
My chest bare to the sky.
And they brought out the blade,
so gleaming in the night,
and the plunged it in to me,
bloody with delight.
And so I found
my love was ripped from my sight.

No more love within me.
Bonus: now I don't have to worry about
being led by love.
And I have this super awesome blade
and I keep it with me.
You never know when I need to slice someone up.

It's super awesome to slice people up.
That's what they tell me.
They're kind of my keepers now.
It's super awesome. I'd do it any how.
It's super fun. Almost the only fun I can have.
Well my joy in life is kind of muted,
they did kind of steal my love.

But I hope to steal someone else's
and so restore love in my life.
Do you have love in you?
Maybe, do you have love for a wife?
Or maybe a husband?
Or maybe you have a child?
I'll take whatever love you have,
even love you keep in a jar.
Because I need some love.
Just a little love in my life.
I think you might have love.
It won't leave you in strife.
Well, except for the strife
I'm going to bring when I take it from you.

I think you will really enjoy
all of the joy that life brings without love.
Okay, maybe I was just making that up.
I think I'm just going to take your love now.


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