Surf Rules

2017-02-20 @ 09:45pm tags: skirmish skirmish20a surf 20a

I was thinking, "How would _I_ make a surf song?" "I should practice covering other's music more, so I could more easily adapt to existing styles."

Then I was like, "Well, let's start with the sound of the surf."

My surf was relaxing, and I pictured myself at the beach. The rest of the song sort of wrote itself.



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Surf Rules


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Not Crapcapella

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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




Some people go to the beach to have lots of fun.
Others go to the beach to relax.
But me? Me? What do I do there?
I sit. I sit, and quietly read.

I like to read my books. It is nice. I like it.
And you, and you, sit there with me.
And you, and you, you are my book.

I like to read my books they are nice.
I sit here quietly, look a mouse!
He's not reading, at least that I see.
He's probably hungry and looking for feed.

But, I'm alone. Just on this beach.
Reading my book and drinking tea.
So I shall sit here, and watch the mouse work.
While the waves, they do play.

I sit here and read and stare at the sea.
And sometimes it might stare back at me.
Still I sit, quietly. Staring off to the sea.
Then, it's back, time to read.


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Not Crapcapella


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