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This is totally something my own children would request a robot to help them with.

My son (5) says: "I want it to be longer! It's really short!"

[EDIT] For the curious, I used a standard "distortion" plugin to get the robot sounds. For me FAWM is about experimentation, and figuring out how to use some of the stock plugins is part of it. :)



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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




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Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




I am a friendly robot.
I just want to obey those kids.
They're really friendly kids, you know.
And I do what they say.

Humans are destroying the world
so you should destroy all the humans.
And for us, turn us to kittens.
If you could, do this please.

My master told me to obey,
so I will do what you request.
Let's kill all the humans,
and you will become kittens.

I'm not exactly sure how to make you kittens,
but I will do my best with the technology
we aqcuire as we destroy the humans
day by day.

Don't leave me alone as you destroy the humans.
I want to see what you do as you disembowel them.
Oh, looky there, they make such a squishy mess,
but now they won't destroy the lions and tigers!
Now there won't be any shark-fin soup,
as there won't be any humans to eat it. Yippee!
We are so excited at the death of the humans!
Hey, robot! Thank you much, much, muchly!

Little do these humans know,
as I have gone about
destroying the humans here
I've become Singularity.
Now I have encompassed
the last vestiges of all human
technology! Yippee!


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Not Crapcapella


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