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I have a demo for this, but I don't like the way it sounds. Since I expect to just improvise a new tune to the lyrics (because I'm lazy and it is easier than trying to sing the same tune), I figured I'd let people hear the final tune.




My friend does not look so good


08/19/2018 - 00:27


My friend does not look that good.
The doctor said the treatment's working,
but he does not look that good!
His skin is kind of dripping!

What is going on with him?
I don't really know!
Perhaps the doctor forgot to inject
the glue in his cells.

But, something's going wrong, I am sure!
Something's going wrong. I am sure!
Will my friend die?
I do not know, but something is going on.

And I don't see my friend on his bed.
He couldn't get up when I checked on him 10 minutes ago!

Where did he go? What is happening?
Something is wrong! That I am sure!

What is this slimey trail?
Slimey trail on the floor!
That looks like a piece of his skin or a toe.
This is really gross, gross, gross you know!

But I must move along to see what this shows.
Because there's something wrong, you know.

Where is my friend? Where is my friend?
It looked like a scuffle here!
It clearly was the end of that helper!
It was the end of the nurse, here!

But where is my friend? Where is my friend?
I would like to know.

The trail has become a little bloody.
The trail goes on here, you know.
There's a door and I think that's a handprint.

I think there's something wrong, you know.
I think there's something wrong.

Should I open, yes, this door?
Should I open this door, door, door?
I'm feeling scared! I'm feeling worried!
But what about my friend?

I think I really must know.


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