My Grandfather's Skirt

I've improvised the whole album. Lo-fi a-capella just doesn't do justice to an album that's half about how comfortable skirts are and half about how honoring my grandfather means going further than just punching fascist bigots. We'll see. I might just sit on the album. (Honestly, the album sort of feels like it might be trolling.)




My Grandfather's Skirt


08/19/2018 - 02:09


My grandfather's skirt.
My grandfather's skirt.
All my life, my grandfather wore a skirt.
I asked him once, why he wore it.

He wore many great designs.
I asked him once, why he wore it.
And he relayed it to me, a story,
about a long time ago.

He had a friend, a female friend,
who wanted to wear pants to school.
Not British pants, oh no!
But trousers in the US, yes.

He thought it was silly,
because girls did not wear such things.
She said he would feel differently
if he ever wore a skirt.

So the next day,
she came in wearing trousers.
And that same day,
he came in wearing a skirt.

She, yes, loved her trousers,
loved her pockets, lots, lots, lots.
He, too, loved the skirt,
and he just kept wearing it.

The rules changed and girls wore trousers
to school quite regularly when I was young!
But my poor grandfather couldn't wear a skirt to school.
He was bullied and they really made fun.

But! Skirts look great on men, too.
And they're super comfortable!
You look great in a skirt with a beard,
and you still can wear your graphic Ts.

My grandfather looked oh, so, nice!
Every day of his life.
My grandfather looked so nice
wearing the lovely skirts.


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My Grandfather's Skirt


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