White Priviledge

I've mentioned my struggles with the "Plain White Sugar" album. My original vision for the album just isn't panning out. Upon the acceptance of that, I turned toward once again using the album title as fuel for my normal process. This was one of around three I sang about plain white sugar in that sitting.




White Priviledge


08/23/2018 - 02:40


Does plain white sugar have white priviledge?
It is the expected norm.
When comparing other sugar
you compare it to the plain and white.

White sugar with white priviledge.
It is the norm and the default.
If it says "One cup of sugar"
you grab the plain and white.

Plain and white sugar,
like plain and white people.
In the US if we say "people,"
does your mind give you plain and white?

If a people is the expected norm
in all situations --
if a people is what others think of as default
it, yes, clearly gives them an edge.

Just like the edge of white sugar.
You don't need to rationalize its use,
but you need to explain the switch.
It's just one of those things that
we have to deal with in these times.
Even though the plain and white
has ruined, yes, ruined us all.

There's so much to taste!
There's so much we could be!

We must turn aside our face
from the plain and the white.
Because it's just not healthy!
It's just not healthy to be plain all the time.

I know you can't help it if you born white,
but you still can be flavored right.
So what if you started plain,
you can fix that all the same.

Become much better than your ancestors
who were plain.
We can be strange and different.
We can be full of so many tastes.

We can be a collection of recipes
that might, yes, oh yes, might yes
include some plain white sugar,
because something, oh yes, some things
really need just that one kind.

But so much more is out there you see.
So much to taste, and so much to be.
Be yourself, it's all you can be.
But you have to make yourself so plain.


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