When Life Throws You Wrenches

Started over a half-hour late, but it looks like the skirmish started late, so I'm submitting this before the skirmish was going on for an hour? [Edit. Turns out, I just forgot 50/90 time was 15 minutes off of wall-time.]

2018-10-04: demo updated. Before you ask, they are frogs.



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When Life Throws You Wrenches


Mr. Beany's Bitty Band




50/90 2018

Album Artist

Mr. Beany's Bitty Band

Music Genre
  • ss082518a

  • superskirmish

  • feast

  • theme:introspection

  • theme:life




I know that sometimes life throws you wrenches.
And you must true duck or they'll stick in your gears.
Sometimes life it throws you wrenches.
But if you do what I do, you'll still appear.

When life throws me wrenches, why I just turn to goo.
Big black slimy goo, kind of like a tar pit!
Life can throw me wrenches, but they don't stick to my gears.
Because I have no gears to stick to!

Or maybe I have gears that are so, so tiny
that they look like black tar and can swallow anything.
So when life throws you wrenches, what will you do?
Maybe you need to become goo!

Swallow the wrenches deep inside.
Transform them to more goo if you can.
Maybe you could instead fossilize
if that wrench actually looked like a cow or an elephant!

Do what you do and do it so well.
And when something's thrown at you swallow it as well.
And if you like you can do the same,
when you bump in to something strange!

Maybe you'll bump in to me today.
Maybe I'll bump in to you.
And if you're not lucky,
I'll swallow you, too.

Because, that's kind of what I do.


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