In a given moment

This was my fifth attempt at a song for this skirmish.

Two were aborted a minute in to the song.

The first one was ~2:30, but didn't have any real umph in it. A lackluster song clearly about the subject matter.

The other potentially viable song that was long enough at ~3:13, but after singing about pooping myself (which would have worked), the end of the song went a little pointedly political when the "me" in the song turned out to be an elderly politician. The meat of it may return for my "putting the crap back in crapcapella" album, but I didn't want to be quite so openly political.

I think this song accurately describes what I went through to make, well, this song. This is what folks mean when they talk about hooks in their songs, right?




In a given moment


08/26/2018 - 01:58


I thought I could think of a good song.
It would only take me a moment.
I wanted a really, really good song.
So, I gave myself a moment.

A very special given moment.
Just a little time to think
a lovely song for me to sing.
I just had a little moment.

But it does not take too long.
It does not take too long to sing a song.

This little song, in its given moment.
It refused to come, come out.
It wanted to remain hidden
deep in my mouth, deep in my mouth.

So I climbed inside as best as I could,
but since I could not climb in my own head,
I used the hook that I keep in my ceiling
and sent it down my neck instead.

I would fish for that song!
I would fish until I was done!
I would fish for that song!
But I am not looking to catch fish!

Maybe I should call it songing
when I use a hook to catch a song.
Would that be something funny,
if I were songing real long?

Songing song-song, songing a song.

But I could not catch that song,
it was really quite slippery.
I caught this old tire,
and pulled it quite carefully.

It popped free! Popped free!
From my mouth quite easily.

I pulled out my knife and set about carving
that old thing in to this new thing.
So now we have a song that I caught!
Made from junk I found while songing.

So, perhaps I'll return that hook
to my throat to catch another song.
But then again, maybe I'll stop here
and I'll call, call this song done.


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50/90 2018


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