I am super tired right now. It is almost nap time.

Edit. I stayed up to do all the skirmishes in a super skirmish. I said "Cryptonomicon" when I meant "Necronomicon", which with the names of the books being hard to pronounce might still work, but had I remembered the first one wouldn't have surprised people as much with the whole blood ritual at the end.



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08/26/2018 - 11:40


At some libraries for some books
you need to book an appointment.
At some libraries for some books
they won't even let you do that.

There's some books that I want to see.
One is called the Cryptonomicon.
There's some books I really want to see.
Some of them are hard to pronounce.

I would like to book an appointment
so I can get my hands on, yes, that book.
I don't need much time, much time.
I don't need much time.

I'm going to take some pictures of that book.

I can study it at my leisure.
I can study it oh, yes, yes.
I can study it at my leisure.
I can study it and undress.

There's so much to know, oh, oh.
But science covers it all, all up.
We can undress reality
and really get to the bottom of stuff.

I know there's stories about what we need to get.
And maybe it is just a little disgusting.
I'm sure there are other ways that we can do it.
So we don't need to actually sacrifice.

But I need to research in, yes, that book.
There's so much to learn,
and that book is where I want to look.
I think I want to read all of that book.
And maybe sometime I can transcribe it, too.

Maybe I will know just what to do.
Just what to know to do what I need.
Maybe I can do something.
Maybe Google Translate can help.
Maybe I can do something.
Maybe I can learn some stuff.

I think this might be where I stop for now.
I don't care if I don't have
an appointment booked for that book.
I'm going to see it. I know that.
I've planned just the way I will look.
It won't be, no, not that hard.

And the book technically won't leave the building!

So I think it might succeed.
So I think someone might bleed.
But only if they get in my way!
Only if they get in my way!

And maybe just a little blood
if the ritual requires it.
So much to learn and so much to see!
I just need to find that book.


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