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Mr. Bonespurs


08/26/2018 - 15:54


Mr. Bonespurs is a coward.
Mr. Bonespurs likes to hide.
He got 17 deferments,
so he could just hide, hide, hide.

It's something his family likes to do
because they're a family of cowards.
He knows the truth,
that the cowards collect money.

Send the poor folks off to war!
Send the poor folks to experiment!
Send the poor folks to the mines
and just collect the money.

He's a coward, yes,
and a bad business man.
He's a coward, yes,
he'd have more money if he were a playboy.

He is just a coward, yes,
and he's no good with his money at all.
He has no friends, you know,
because he's a coward in his relationships.

He only thinks of himself,
he hides himself away, way, way.
He's a little scared, scared boy
and we should be embarrassed for him.

A loser is what I'm saying.

Did you know if he had
only invested his father's money
he would have more money than
his so-called businesss skills made him.

He is not a good business man, man, man.
And if he just were a playboy,
maybe he would know
how to behave around humans.

But because he is
just a coward around humans,
he tries to act all aggressive
because he is so scared.

Little coward
crying in the corner.
Not because he's hurt,
but just because he's scared.



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