Chocolate-Chocolate Sundae

I was going to do today's Sunday skirmish. It was hosted by [@tcelliot] today. I caught the theme before he had removed the old theme from where he copy/pasted it.

Since I had done this song before I noticed it was the wrong prompt, but it was totally done within the skirmish timeframe, I'm posting it to the correct skirmish.




Chocolate-Chocolate Sundae


08/26/2018 - 18:32


Have you had a chocolate sundae?
A really chocolate-chocolate sundae?

Some people mess it up
and use things that aren't chocolate.
Remember what you add to the cup
has to have just chocolate.

So you start with some chocolate ice cream
and you add some hot chocolate fudge.
Then you add some chocolate-chocolate chips,
and a piece of chocolate on top.

Sometimes you can get kind of decorative
and put chocolate shavings around it.
Some people, they like to eat it with
chocolate cookies.

But I don't do that!
I don't add the baked goods to it!
I just eat the chocolate sundae
with just the chocolate!

Yummy, yummy!
Chocolate sundaes!
Yummy, yummy!
For my mouth!

Notice I did not include
a silly, silly cherry.
That is a health food,
and I don't need that.

Some people they add a cherry.
Some people they think that's hairy.
I don't need hairy cherries mucking every thing about.
Just give me some chocolate in my chocolate-chocolate sundae.

Have you thought of bringing the chocolate sundaes
across the country to share in their glory?
Maybe you could sing them a song
about the glory of chocolate-chocolate sundaes.

I think this song might do
because, you know, commercials are shorter.
This is the longer form
of the commercial jingle.

So add some choclate-chocolate
to that chocolate-chocolate
and some chocolate on top, top, top!

You don't need any weird stuff
with vanilla flavor.
You don't need any weird stuff
like fruit and that stuff.

You don't even need anything with coffee.
Even though coffee is totally fine on its own.
Just add some chocolate to your chocolate, chocolate sundae.
That is how you'll have the best sundae!

And if you eat it on the last day of the week,
then you'll have the bestest, bestest Sunday!
A chocolate-chocolate sundae on a Sunday!
It will be the best day you have had!

A glorious sundae to honor your Sunday.
That sounds like a super-duper time to me!
Now I must go and see if I have chocolate.
So, I can make a chocolate-chocolate sundae.


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50/90 2018




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