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This one was made by request of my children.




Eat Your Flesh


09/28/2018 - 20:16


I would like to devour your flesh.
It would be oh, so nice if you complied.
Did you think I would take a "no" as an answer,
because if you thought that, you were wrong.
I just want to eat your flesh.
It will taste so good tonight.

Did you think that if you were flesh
you could get out of here alive?
You should have known you had no hope at all
when you stepped, yes, stepped outside.
For that's where we live and we want you all.
We will take you far and wide!

We are mold
and microscopic things
and we want your insides!

We will eat you while you are alive!
We will eat you while you are still dead!
And maybe when you are on the edge
we will eat you, yes, some more.
You are so delicious,
just like you were way back before.

For we love to eat your yummy flesh.
Both the in and the outside!
You are yummy! So yummy!
We could, could just cry!
But we are mold! We are mold!
And we can not cry.


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