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This was recorded last night, but I was too tired to get it transcribed.

It was an Inspirobot-based theme used for the skirmish: http://generated.inspirobot.me/088/aXm2179xjU.jpg




Ignore Warnings. Stop Worrying.


09/29/2018 - 09:52


If you haven't noticed
there is nothing you can do.
You don't need to bother
looking or fretting.
Just stop worrying!
Just ignore the warnings!

There's nothing you can do!
There's nothing you can do!
Save your breath,
yes, save yourself!
And save your soul
before we're through.

There's no need to worry.
There's no need to bother.
There's nothing you can do.
There's nothing you can do.

And if you relax,
maybe you will find
something positive you can do.
Make a change.
Yes, a change
that's good for you.

Focus on your community.
Focus on what you can change.
Focus on your friends and family.
Focus on what you can do.

Just stop, stop worrying
about what you can't control.
Just focus on what you can do.

You might find,
if you don't waste your strength,
that there's nothing to stop you.
You might find that
if you don't waste your strength
that you will get through.

Just stop worrying.
Ignore the warnings.
We know that it's bad.
You can relax now.
There's nothing to do.
At least, not now.

But your moment will come
and if you have the energy,
if you have not given up,
your time won't be through.
Just relax for a while,
we are not done with you!

Just for a while, until you are ready.
There's nothing you can do right now,
but waste your energy.
That won't be good for you
because then you can't react
when the moment comes.

The moment comes
that you could react.
So stop right now!
Just re, relax.
We will go for the jugular
after a snack.



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50/90 2018


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