It's no secret

Note: The cowbell present in this track was being worn by a cow at the time.




It's no secret


09/29/2018 - 13:54


It's no secret that I like cheese!
It's no secret that I also like bees!
Cheese and bees are beautiful things!
But they rarely go together.

That's why I'm working on a secret,
secret project to combine them both.
You might think it might be a honey cheese,
but I'm really working with something else.

I want bees that can make milk
that can make some cheese.
Instead of annoying beeswax,
there will be honey in cheese.

This work is quite hard.
This work involves many things.
So much cheese!
And more than one bee sting.

I still do this because it's what I love!
I love the bees and I love the cheese.
What kind of cheese are the bees working on?
What kind of cheese will most please me?

I tried a soft cheese but their hive fell apart.
That did not work for me or the bees.

I tried a harder cheese and that's doing well,
but I don't think it's chedder or swiss.
It's got a lovely golden glow,
but it might have something amiss.

Still, I might leave
the beehive
structure in the cheese.
Slice it thin for all to see.

This cheese will be so lovely!
It will be just the thing!
Some people might say it's bubbly,
but I think it's really the bee's knees.

This cheese is super fine.
It's sweet and sublime.
I think I want to have more cheese.
More cheese means I need more bees!

Soon swarms will sweep the sky
devouring everything.
Oh! You thought bees only ate pollen?
That? That was normal bees, not my bee things.

These bees are coming
and they'll eat most everything.


Found on

50/90 2018


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