I improvised this, then I was like, "nah, I need something more." Then I added the perspective shift.



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09/29/2018 - 16:00


When I think of change
I think of little caterpillars.
You know they did not start there
for they have already changed.

They started just as an egg.
Kind of like a seed.
They started just as an egg.
And slowly grew to be
a caterpillar
with a mouth and feces.

Did you know
some caterpillars
launch their feces
at the leaves far away
so their predators won't see
that they're over here
devouring this leaf.

And lovely caterpillars,
they grow and they grow
getting nice and big and fat.
And soon you will know
that the lovely, lovely
caterpillars will
transform once again
becoming butterflies
or moths
or my friend.

And everything it will change.
And inside your pupa
you'll be rearranged.
And the hunger you once knew
will be replaced with a knowing
of where to fly, fly, fly.
That hunger deep inside
will be replaced
as you take to the sky.

And I'll see you once or twice
before you fly, fly away.
I'll see you once or twice,
and then I will have to say bye.


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50/90 2018


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