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09/29/2018 - 19:27


When I think about leaves
I think, yes, of many things.
One of the things that I think about
is how they cling to disease.

Leafblowers blowing leaves,
bringing up all those settled diseases.
Leafblowers blowing disease
on up with pieces of leaves!

There is a reason that people who use leafblowers
get sick more than other people.
They spread disease
up off the ground.

Settled to the ground on the backs of leaves.
Settled to the ground with pieces of dust.
Pieces of skin. Pieces of insect shell.
Pieces of fingernail and rust.

So many things for disease to cling to
lifted up off the ground by leafblowers.
Leafblowers just spread disease
all, all around.

And it's not good for the environment
because it disturbs smaller things.
Leave those leaves in the grass
that's where they belong.

Lots of things, they need those leaves.
Protected by the fallen leaves.
You destroy the ecology
when you disturb the leaves.

So, I do nothing to my yard
except to avoid planting nasty grass.
I let lots of things grow there, yes,
and I do never, ever act.

The ecology will do things
totally fine without me.
I don't need to do anything
about those good leaves.


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50/90 2018


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