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This one was by request of my son. He said it was better than he had imagined.




Baby Tigers Adventuring


09/29/2018 - 22:23


One day there were baby tigers adventuring.
Climbing out a window to get
outside among the big, bright trees,
outside among the garden.

They tumbled to the soft green grass.
They tumbled outside their house.
And they went out exploring,
exploring their garden.

They wandered among the
trees and plants and then someone,
they bumped a plant
sending cucumbers
down, down all around.

And the little baby tigers
wished that they could have some pickles.
They had seen pickles,
eaten by humans
and they wanted, yes, a taste.
And these were the same cucumbers!

But, they did not smell like tiger food!
So they left them there on the ground.
Those baby tigers knew their tiger food.
And they liked it to be a little meaty.

No vegetables for these lovely tigers!
But maybe sometimes a bug!
Just a really big bug!
A juicy bug!
A yummy bug!
But sometimes a bug,
all the same.

Lovely little tigers,
playing in the garden.
Rolling and tumbling all around.
And they bumped another tree.
Sending something to the ground.
It was a giant orange and
they gathered all around.

They sniffed that orange.
They smelled that orange.
It did not smell like tiger food.
But they could
bat it and play with it.
And it was super-duper cool!

They played
with that orange
in the garden there!
They played
with that orange
almost everywhere!

And they had so much fun
in the garden then,
until the sun went down.
When they climbed back in their window
and went to lay down.


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