i-can-get-the-microphone.lyrics (txt)

Based on a true story.

A quick little ditty when someone ran out of the room.




I can get the microphone


09/29/2018 - 22:52


"I can get the microphone."
Said the human, said the human.
"I can get the microphone.
I know where it is."

So that human they went off
to collect the microphone.
So that human they went off
because they knew where it was.

But I had a secret.
Yes, I had a secret.
I already had
the microphone.

So when that human ran
and went to another room.
I just picked up the microphone
and sang a song about it.

I hope that you like my song.
Like my song, like my song.
I hope that you like my song
and maybe you will sing it.


Found on

50/90 2018


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