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Dark Cloud


09/29/2018 - 23:44


Beware of the dark cloud
approaching the town.
The weather is bad and
it might send you tumbling down.

I'm not sure what it will bring.
Maybe locusts or a plague.
But that dark cloud, it does come
to our town, yes, today, today.
It will surely be here today.

What kind of things
might come with that
dark, dark cloud?
Rains of most everything
might come pouring down!

Or maybe just maybe
at the center of that cloud
is my aunt, my aunt
and she's glowering mad.

Because when she went on vacation
I did not water her plants!
She will be, oh yes, most seriously mad
because those plants were really fancy!
Those plants were really nice.

But I did not
her plants
like I said!
I kind of
got it
in my head!

I thought she was leaving next week!
At least, I thought that long enough
that I did not remember
to go and water them.
So she's glowering mad!

Storming from the neighboring town!
She is bringing with her
a dark, dark cloud
and I hope will not be found!
I hope I will not be found.


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50/90 2018


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