French Story




French Story


09/30/2018 - 00:57


I have a story about my ancestors.
I have heard that it goes back to France.
The mother always married a louse.
And, she eventually would grow tired.

She'd move back in with her mother then
to grow, yes, all of her kids.
And this cycle then continued
for generations of kids.

Of course, if they were not divorced
there'd be no legal record of this.
Word of mouth, just word of mouth is all I heard.
Still, the stories go all the way back
to before they left France.

Do you think that a woman and her mother
left France together?
Did they take with them a louse
or were they, instead, escaping one?

I like to think that they escaped
from Quebec when the British invaded,
moving south to the Indiana Territory
to a French settlement.

And so they, yes, somehow survived.
Maintaining this pattern,
until my grandmother
had no daughters.

Instead she had a louse.
Had no daughters.
But she still
raised them with her mom!

Her husband was not well! Was not well!
He drank way too much,
and she pretended all was well.
But she, yes, had help.


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50/90 2018


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