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09/30/2018 - 01:47


Some people say
I'm obsessed
with writing

I think others just don't try,
don't try to sing along.
I'm not obsessed.
I just try a little bit.
And I found that I liked
making songs that I like
so I keep making songs.

You might think I'm obsessed
That I have
some strange obsession.
I just keep making songs.
It's quite the

I don't even really do anything
with them
when they're done.
They just sit around
sometimes they're kind of fun.

When I revisit them after long ago,
after long ago
and think.
And I think of other songs,
kind of similar and things.

I think lots of things are super fun.
I think I'm not the only one.
I might be a little obsessed
with having way, way, too much fun.

Is it obession if you like to
have fun?
Is it wrong to make some
awesome stuff?
What do you do when people point and laugh
at your stuff?

I know what I do.
I include them in
the next thing I make.
And then
I bring
pain and misery.

In that song!
In that story!
And maybe an art or three!
I can open them up,
spill all out all of their guts.

And, maybe if they see it
and they recognize themselves in it
they will be a
little kinder
to the ones
that make stuff!

But I don't do it for them, oh, no.
I only do it for me.
Because, it's fun
and it makes me feel
Don't you see?
It's simple to just
have some fun.
Just kick your heels up and sing.

We can have so much fun.
Creating everything.
And so, if I'm obessed,
at least I'm having fun.
And, yes, I still think
that it's best
if I am having fun.

I know you might not care,
but I don't care about what you think,
because you're not me.
You're just
some dude I met
when I went for a drink!

So I'll have my fun
and I'll sing my songs.
And so what if it's an obession?
Because I'm having so much fun.


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