Visit Chompy

My son has a friend he visits in his dreams.




Visit Chompy


09/30/2018 - 12:32


When you go to sleep tonight,
your friends!

Lovely little Chompy the Chomper Plant
wants you to visit him!
Please! Visit Chompy!
Say "Hi" to his mother and his sister, too!

Have some fun with Chompy!
It won't be over until you're through.
You can keep
dreaming, dreaming, dreaming!

Have some fun with your chomper friend.

It's Chompy the Chomper Plant.
In dream time,
the fun never ends.
You can keep,
keep on dreaming.

Your good, good friend Chompy
wants to see you!
It's been too long
since you visited
for dinner!

Maybe you could bring
a fuzzy toy to play with.
But make sure it is washable
incase someone accidentally chomps it.

Lovely Chompy
wants to play with you!
So, please, please visit
when you dream tonight!

When you dream
you can bring,
yes, a friend.
Maybe you will
bring your Papa.

And visit your friend,
your good chomper friend.
And maybe explore,
explore some fun places.

Where will you go
with a Chomper Plant?
What marvelous things
will you do?

It's Chompy! Yes!
Your good, good friend
and he is
just right for you.

I hope you play
and dream
until you're through.



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50/90 2018


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