Kitchen Thoughts

Sometimes I sing while doing dishes or other kitchen-related activities.

This is one such song.




Kitchen Thoughts


09/30/2018 - 12:53


I do stuff in my kitchen.
Sometimes while I'm singing songs.
I do stuff in my kitchen.
Sometimes while I sing a song.

How do you do your dishes?
Is it while you sing your songs?
I like to do most everything
while I'm singing songs.

But not all songs
go too, too long.
Sometimes they are
really, really short.
Not all my songs
they go super long.
my songs are short.

How do you like your songs?
Do you like them long or short?
How do you like your songs?
Do you like them in a boat?

I like my song, song, songs.
Sometimes when I have my ears.
I like my song, song, songs.
Especially when they appear!
Especially when they appear.

Have you thought that maybe,
yes, yes, just maybe,
instead of appearing
a song could disappear?
Instead of being born,
one could die
in your head.

It would be, probably sad.
You might even
be a little mad.
If that happens
to your favorite song.
But it happens, to, to some.
The songs they knew
they will not come.
Yes, it happens to, yes, songs.
The songs they have just disappeared.

It is always sad, oh, yes, sad.
When those songs,
they do not come.
It is sad,
oh, always sad.
When those songs,
yes, just disappear.

Lost to time!
Lost to the ages!
It's quite unahppy stuff!
Lost to time!
Lost to the ages!
As their mind unravels
turning to just
grey, grey stuff.

It is sad when that happens.
Always, always so sad.
And it happens,
oh, so often.
What can we do?
What can we do
do prevent
our brains from gooing?
What can we do?
What can we do
to protect our brains?

Well, I think there are a few things.
A few things
to improve the health of brains.
Yes, I think there are a few things
we could do
to improve our brains.

Let's take them out and wash them sometimes.
They probably get a little dusty!
Let's take them out and take them for a walk!
You never know the things they'll see!

Sometimes a brain, it likes to hide
when something new comes around, round, round!
Sometimes a brain likes to hide
when new facts come around.

You should hug that brain.
Hug that brain.
sure it feels
nice and safe!

Maybe get that brain
a Thunder Shirt.
Maybe that will be
just the thing!

Scary things like thunder,
threatening brains
all about!
But there are things that can
help those brains.
Help those brains,
oh, yes, yes!

How would you go about
fitting your brain for a Thunder Shirt?
Do you need an extra-large size
or, maybe, just a toddler?

I don't know. I don't know.
How big is your brain, brain, brain?
Do you count it in kilograms
or do you count the shape it's in?

Small but wrinkly: yum, yum, yum.
Really strong brain, brain, brain.
Big and smooth is not too helpful
if you want a good, good brain.

You want a wrinkly brain, brain, brain.
Lots of lovely connections to make.
You want a wrinkly, wrinkly brain.
Please, do not
make that mistake!

Just a bigger brain won't help
if it can't
make the right
Just a bigger
brain won't help
if you want to
think bigger thoughts.

Bigger thoughts don't need a bigger brain.
They just need
a more complex brain.
Think more complex thoughts!
Not just bigger thoughts!

What kind of thoughts
do you like to think?
What kind of thoughts
have you thunk?
Lots of lovely
thoughts to think!
Lots of
lovely thoughts!


Found on

50/90 2018


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