Religious Moving Wilderness




Religious Moving Wilderness


09/30/2018 - 17:42


There are many possible ways
to improve the ecology.
I think I have found
a key don't you see?

It's a religious moving wilderness!
It moves on its own!
And its natural! Oh! It's natural!
As it goes. Goes and roams.
All we need to do is hop inside.

And the wilderness will move us deep inside.
It will be a good commute
as we go for a ride.
But what of their deep religiousness?
What sort of things
does that wilderness believe?

I think they might believe something cool.
Perhaps its some type of pantheism!
What sort of things will I experience?
When I am in their religious mission?

As we roam around
moving all naturally.
It's simply a religious
moving wilderness.

And I don't know
if it moves fast enough
for my daily commute.
And I don't know
if it moves back and forth
or maybe just, just, just north!

Will I be able to return on home?
Or will I be stuck forever on the roam?
All I know is that it moves on its own.
So there will be no packing cars.
No. Not as I roam.

And I'll be perhaps situated in a tent
as the wilderness just up and roams.
And I'll ride along, yes, with it.
And perhaps there I'll find my home.

Perhaps I won't need to go home.
Perhaps my home is with the wilderness.
Perhaps that's what I really want.
Perhaps no more of this nasty commute.

But if I have no permanent home,
does that mean I only commute?
As I travel 'round with that
religious moving wilderness,
what will be found?
Will I find some peace within?

What will I do and will I eat
that wilderness food
that's bound to be near my feet?
So much to think about. So much to try.
But I'm tired of my commute, so I'll try.
I will join the religious moving wilderness.

I don't really go to church
but what if my church is the wilderness?
Then I will be always at church,
and always close to the divine.

And I'll sit and think and play.
And I'll sit and pray and say,
"I'm happy here. I'm happy here
in this religious moving wilderness."


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