All Our Bridges


:Title: All Our Bridges
:Album: Another Day's Commute
:Post date: 09/30/2018 - 18:15

This song is dedicated to all of the bridges.
This song is dedicated to all of the bridges.
So many bridges are falling apart.
So many bridges, they will start.

They will start to come down,
and then we will frown.
They will start to come down,
with people all around.

This song is for all, all of the bridges.
We need to repair our infrastructure.
So many bridges in disrepair
So many bridges and we're unaware
of when and where
they'll come tumbling down.

But one thing we know is that
if we leave them alone,
one thing we know
is that they will, yes, come down.
So why are we leaving them alone?
When we could be helping them
to be repaired?

But we don't like to spend any money
on bridges on this town or this country.
We just go to foreign places
and we then blow up their bridges.
Then we are forced to replace their bridges,
when we should be replacing them at home.

Why do we do this crazy stuff?
We are just churning infrastructure.
Why don't we focus closer to home
and stop spending money
destroying other people's stuff?

We could just stop killing a fewer children
and have some money to replace our bridges.
I know it's not really popular to say,
but we don't need to kill people every day.
We don't need to kill anyone at all.
We just need to get safely to the mall!

Please repair our bridges,
that's what I say!
Invest in our infrastructure
all the way!


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Another Day's Commute


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