Build a cow


:Title: Build a cow
:Album: Another day's commute
:Post date: 09/30/2018 - 19:50
:Tags: cows; scifi

I wanted a new, new way
to get to my job.
I tried all of the old ways
but I had not tried one.

I had not tried using a cow
to get, yes, to my job.
But the cow was so slow,
I wanted to build a new one.
Not too many, yes, you know.
I wanted to build a cow.

And I think you know how I began this.
I researched everything
I could about cows.
I found that there were so many types.
So many types of cow.
But I wanted just a faster one,
so I could get to work.
So I set about building my cow, cow, cow!
I sat about building my cow.

I did not want to
do disgusting things,
so I did not use organic cows.
They would have made
too much poop, anyway.
So, I did not use those cows.
I made myself a mechanical cow,
with four legs on the ground.
And that cow, yes, it mooed,
and it really moved somehow.

And! Now I ride a cow to work,
galloping all around.
I know you probably have not seen cows gallop,
but they gallop, yes, yes, somehow.
And the cow gets me to work.
And! it sometimes gores a cow on the way,
because if you've not heard,
so many cows have horns on their heads.

And, I did not need the cow to make milk,
so I did not use the style
for the milking, milking cow.
And the cows have such big horns,
and it's really beautiful, beautiful to see.
And the cow has really big horns,
and the cars stay away from me.

Because, they know that if I get
too close to them they will see
giant horns scratching their paint, yes,
and maybe puncturing doors.
But, we will stop before anyone is gored.
We will only hurt their cars,
so that they will
learn where to go!

And when they drive down on the street
and they see someone
traveling by cow,
they will know not to beep
or to drive too close anyhow.
And that's how I go to work.
That is how I go everyplace.

And that's really how I like to,
like to travel in space!
So I'm working on it once again,
to make a great space cow!
And it will take me, yes, everywhere.
Everywhere, somehow!
I will be going out in space
in my spaceship cow.


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Another day's commute


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