On the Railroad


It should be self-evident
if I'm looking to commute
that one of the first ways
I would look is the caboose.
Or maybe a carriage or some other car
on the train, on the railroad.
Maybe one with a bar.

Because trains are fast!
And, trains, they are fun!
And, they will get you places
when you're having fun!
Because you do not need to pay
close attention.
You will still be safe,
if you're doing other things!

So bring your knitting!
Bring your notebooks!
Bring something to have fun!
We are going to commute
on the railroad, yes,
that's how it's done!
It will be so, so fun!

It will be just the thing!
And they can make it so safe!
And clean for the ecology!
And we'll have such a good time!
We can sing and maybe dance!
And definitely drink all the time.

I'll remember to bring my glass!
That lovely glass that I love to use.
That lovely glass that I always use.
That lovely glass that holds my brew,
while I have all of my drinks.

And we'll ride the train while having fun.
It will be so grand, you'll see.
And we'll have some drinks
while we're having fun.
Helping the ecology!

Yes! That's how I want
to commute everyday!
It will be just the way!
Yes! Just the way!


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