Free Your Rider

I really love public transit.


I love public transit.
Free your rider! Free your rider!
I think we should all take public transit
and free our inner rider!

I go one step further, yes,
and point out the benefits
to cities when they make
public transit totally free.

Then you have people, you see,
who will take it all the day.
Sometimes when they go to the sea.
Sometimes when they go to see bees.

Lovely people riding,
freeing their riders.
Lovely people singing,
and sometimes talking.

You don't need to deal
with quite as much congestion
because, you know,
it's practically congestion free!

Lovely buses full of people!
People crammed tight within!
Saving the planet from needless gas usage!
Saving the planet from needless road expansion!

You can do so much
if you just ride the bus!
You can help the
planet you love!
You can do so much! So much!

Free your rider! Free your rider!
Maybe bring a book!
You've never gotten anyplace
quite as relaxed.
Because, you don't need to fret
or worry about traffic.

You can, yes, relax,
and free your rider!
And just be.
Free your rider
and relax with me!

I think I would really like
to take a bus! To take a bus!
All over the city, yes,
on the bus with all of us!

Free your rider! Free your city!
Free everyone with electricity!
You can see so many things
when you just relax
and free your rider.

Maybe you don't want
to look out the window.
Maybe you want
to talk to your friends.

Texting is now totally safe.
You should feel safe
to text to your friends.
It is safe to text your friends
when you are riding a bus.

You can even watch a show
that you have on your phone.
All you need to do is
free your rider and have fun.


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