The Gundam of Jay-Z

I don't remember what the original Titular title was, but I looked at it thinking, "If that were 'Gundam' that could be something."

"Gundam" is a reference to an anime series.

If you have no clue what it is, do a Google Image search for "Gundam", then imagine Jay-Z piloting one of them.


I have heard that Jay-Z was
looking for a new way
to get around and had money
to invest in new technology.

Now, as we go about town
we see something a little odd.
It's the Gundam of Jay-Z!
The Gundam of Jay-Z!

Some type of giant robot
that he rides inside.
I have heard he does some space fights,
when he's out, out, outside

of the Earth's atmosphere.
Saving all of us down here.
He just wanted a different way
to go to the studio.

But he invested in technology
and now he has something quite strange.
He has a Gundam, all can see.
The Gundam of Jay-Z.

And he goes and he, yes, saves us all.
He travels space, and maybe even visits Mars!
He battles and we see the stories, all on our TV.
He travels in the Gundam, yes, the Gundam of Jay-Z.

And I think it's really cool,
that he could travel in that machine.
But, it is really too pricey
for the likes of me.

But I appreciate the Gundam, yes.
The Gundam of Jay-Z.
I also appreciate
that he has saved me.


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