Ending in my wig


I have developed an experimental method
of travelling to work.
It's kind of odd, because it attaches
to my wig, to my wig.

I have these eight spider legs,
ending in my wig.
And I wear that wig, yes,
with the harness attached to it.

And I travel, yes, all
through the darkened tunnels
beneath the subway.
Where they used to store the things,
of what, I can't say.

The history of our town,
is stranger than you know.
There are so many places
that you don't know
you shouldn't go.

And I travel all about
in my giant spider suit,
that ends in my wig,
that ends in me.

And I travel alone underneith.
Travelling the secret parts of the city.
There is so much to see here,
but it's really, really dusty!

I like to go and hide in some spots.
Sometimes I like to poke around.
There are so many lovely spots to hang about,
and so many secrets that can be found.

I don't know if you know,
but the old, old mayor,
used to have a secret spot
that we should all beware.

He did something really horrible in it,
and that's why there's monsters down here, I swear.
But, I am the one who is dealing with it,
and that's why I use this suit, as well.

It ends in my wig, which ends in me.
I'm kind of the fleshy bit, you see.
The spider legs are made of me,
at least clones of me.

Clones of my hair.
Grown from a particular strain.
Grown from my hair.
It's really kind of strange.

It's kind of strange,
and I've kind of told you too, too much.
So, if it could be arranged
please don't repeat this too much.

I need to go,
and you'll see me
ending in my wig,
as I go away today.


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