Ancient Fortress

Anyone that has a commute will sometimes find an area that they don't like travelling by, even if it's logically on their route.


Another day's commute might
end in the ancient fortress.
Another day's commute might
end in my ancient home.

But, not today, you know.
No, not today.
Today I go
all about as I roam.

I don't really know
if you've heard about this thing
that is called
the ancient fortress.

I travel by it almost every, every day,
and sometimes I think it's my old home.
Sometimes I dream about different times
when I lived deep, deep, deep, deep inside.

Living in that ancient fortress.
Tied and strapped down to something strange.
I was living in that ancient fortress,
but I was some obscene thing!

I did not look like you or me.
I was some sort of monster, don't you see?
Chained! Living deep in dark!
Wishing for oblivion!
Tied and sometimes strapped down!
While people extracted something.

I don't know what they were doing.
I don't know what they wanted.
But, I have something
that's kind of like a memory
of freeing, yes, myself
and destroying everything I could see.

And that's why they abandoned that
ancient fortress.
The family living inside
suddenly they all just died.

Something strange then did roam
out across the countryside.
Maybe that something strange was my ancestor.
Maybe that thing was just me.

All that I know
is when I see that
ancient fortress
I want to leave.


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